Computer Based Task Training

The Computer Based Task Training (CBTT) is developed to meet the training necessities of the heavy machine operators. This training is multimedia, and one part of it will be an interactive Virtual Tour.

But first, click "Begin Virtual Tour". You will be placed in the park at the Mississippi State. By pressing and holding left mouse button, you can rotate the camera. You will also see the two types of symbols:

  1. arrow
  2. information symbols - letter "i"

By clicking on symbols with an arrow you can move to that place. Some objects will be folowed by voice information. Information symbols will allow you to repeat that information. Use mouse scroll to zoom in and zoom out. After you click on any symbol, the blue square will show up around it, so that you can track what hotspots you clicked.

Don't rush!

When you get familiar with controlling the practice Virtual Tour, go back. Press "Begin Task-Training", and select machine.

Click to listen: